10 Easy Workplace Outfit Tips

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10 Easy Workplace Outfit Tips

10 Easy Workplace Outfit Tips
Maintaining professionalism in the workplace is of paramount importance. Ill-fitting and inappropriate attire translates to poor performance and apathy. In an effort to dress appropriately in professional settings, consider the following tips.

Don’t Dress Provocatively

If your outfit leaves little to the imagination, it’s not suitable for the workplace. This is office dress 101. Plunging necklines and stilettos exude a seductive vibe that has no place in the office.

Avoid Pungent Perfumes/Colognes

While it’s important to practice good hygiene, your colleagues shouldn’t be able to smell you from a mile away. Since it’s difficult to detect your own scent, ask someone you trust if your aroma is too strong. When it comes to your fragrance, subtlety is key.

Mind Your Footwear

From your head to your toes, every aspect of your appearance should be accounted for. This includes footwear. If your shoes aren’t presentable, don’t think about setting foot in the workplace.

Never Leave The House With Wet Hair

Much like dogs, when humans have wet hair, it’s off-putting. When you show up for work with damp hair, it gives the impression that your morning was rushed. Blow-drying is simple and requires no more than a few minutes of your time.

Avoid Bold Colors

Neons, for instance, are a no-no in the office. These flashy hues are tawdry and can be distracting to co-workers. With that said, both men and women should opt for either neutral tones or rich colors.

Understand Industry Standards

Depending on your industry, the dress code may vary a little. If you have a human resources department, consider speaking with a representative about what constitutes appropriate business attire.

Wear Dainty Jewelry

Statement necklaces, while staples in fashion, aren’t acceptable for work. In fact, any jewelry that you don should be delicate and tasteful. Similarly, over accessorizing is a recipe for an outfit disaster.

Wear Fitted Clothes

If you’re swimming in your clothes, your workmates will likely fixate on your unbecoming presence. Investing in a tailor is a surefire way to achieve a proper fit.

Spring For A Fresh Mani/Pedi

While bare fingertips are no longer taboo in the workplace, unpainted toes are. If you insist on sporting open toe shoes, make an effort to groom your nails.

Don A Watch

Watches display professional competence. Even if accessories aren’t your bag, wearing a watch will help you obtain an executive image.

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